Women’s College Hospital Adopts MOLLI 2 to Improve the Experience of Breast Cancer Patients and Surgeons

By October 25, 2023 Newsroom

October 25, 2023 (Toronto, Ontario) – Toronto-based MOLLI Surgical is proud to announce that Women’s College Hospital (WCH) has become the latest healthcare provider to adopt the MOLLI 2® System. MOLLI Surgical’s made-in-Canada, wire-free, and radiation-free technology for localizing lesions for breast cancer surgery will improve patient and surgeon comfort and confidence at this historic Toronto hospital.

“Women’s College Hospital was founded by women who refused to accept the status quo and broke down barriers in the pursuit of excellence — it has been a mainstay in Toronto and in women’s health for 140 years,” said Ananth Ravi, President and CEO of MOLLI Surgical Inc. “MOLLI Surgical and Women’s College Hospital share a common vision: revolutionary, equitable, accessible care that saves and improves lives. And that’s why we are so pleased to support Women’s College Hospital with MOLLI 2®.”

“With MOLLI®, I have experienced increased efficiency and streamlining of breast surgery cases in the operating room; increased efficiency in scheduling of marker placement in radiology; and improved patient satisfaction with MOLLI over wire localization,” said Dr. David W. Lim, Medical Director, Henrietta Banting Breast Centre at Women’s College Hospital. “I look forward to making MOLLI 2 a permanent part of how we support patients and deliver modern breast surgery at Women’s College Hospital.”

Until now, Women’s College Hospital used wire-guided localization, a standard technique first introduced in the 1970s. It involves inserting protruding wires into the breast near the abnormal or cancerous tissue. “Wire-guided localization creates a lot of patient discomfort and patients have told me that the worst part of their breast surgery experience was the wire placement. There have also been challenges with scheduling because of the need to coordinate wire placement and surgery on the same day, and issues with accuracy because the protruding wires can move or become dislodged,” said Dr. Lim.

With MOLLI, however, the localization procedure takes about five minutes and can happen days or weeks before surgery. By “decoupling” localization from surgery, care teams can improve their workflows to create a better, more patient-centred experience and a more efficient experience for clinicians.

The MOLLI® System is an innovative technology that allows radiologists to mark cancerous lesions with the MOLLI Marker®, a localization device roughly the size of a sesame seed. Surgeons then use the MOLLI Wand® and MOLLI Tablet® to reliably locate the lesion marked in radiology, eliminating the need for wire-guided localization.

Earlier this year, MOLLI 2 was launched and it has added a market-leading innovation — true 3D guidance — which lets surgeons know with confidence where they are and the most direct path to the lesion with millimeter precision. MOLLI re.markable™ — another revolutionary new tool — was also introduced. It helps physicians accurately mark lesions by allowing radiologists and surgeons to reposition a localization marker with minimal impact or discomfort for patients.

About MOLLI Surgical:

MOLLI Surgical started with one patient, who asked if there was a way to make her breast cancer journey better. Her voice led to the creation of our flagship wire and radiation-free technologies — MOLLI 2® and MOLLI re.markable™. Our innovations are intended to replace outdated procedures to mark lesions for surgical removal through greater precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We are obsessed with every detail of our design process to ensure surgeons and radiologists have the best possible tools to support an improved patient experience.

MOLLI® has been recognized by TIME as one of 2022’s “Best Inventions” in the Medical Care category and named to Fast Company‘s list of “Next Big Things in Tech,” recognizing technological breakthroughs across industries that promise to transform the future. We are proud to build the advanced solutions that patients and physicians prefer. Follow us on FacebookLinkedInX, and YouTube.


About Women’s College Hospital:

For more than 100 years Women’s College Hospital (WCH) has been developing revolutionary advances in healthcare. Today, WCH is a world leader in the health of women and Canada’s leading, academic ambulatory hospital. A champion of health equity, WCH advocates for the health of all people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and ensures their needs are reflected in the care they receive. It focuses on delivering innovative solutions that address Canada’s most pressing issues related to population health, patient experience and system costs.