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We believe healthcare needs to get simpler to get better.

To achieve this, we focus on learning about the patient experience and developing new medical devices and services that help care teams be more efficient and effective. We honor the care teams who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

MOLLI Surgical started with one patient’s voice — a patient who asked if there was a way to make her breast cancer journey better.

 From left: Mark Semple, Alexandru Nicolae, Dr. Nicole Look Hong, Ananth Ravi, John Dillon.

This patient’s voice led to the creation of our flagship wire and radiation-free technologies — MOLLI 2® and MOLLI re.markable™. Our innovations are intended to replace outdated procedures to mark lesions for surgical removal with greater precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

“As surgeons, we don’t have X-ray vision, so we need something to guide us to the tumour and help us remove it as precisely as possible,” says Dr. Nicole Look Hong, a breast cancer surgeon at Sunnybrook and co-inventor of  MOLLI. “It’s so detailed and precise but also so simple. Instead of getting more complicated, the concept has gotten simpler – not to underestimate the years of work that have gone into it.”

We are obsessed with every detail of our design process to ensure surgeons and radiologists have the best possible tools in their hands to support an improved patient experience.

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