Go Wire-Free

Because patients come first.

Our flagships product, MOLLI®, allows for an easier way to locate lesions during surgery and more precisely remove them. Our technology replaces traditional methods to mark tumors with one that is not only kinder — but more accurate while improving efficiencies of Radiology and Surgery departments by 3040%.

Which wire-free option is right for you?

The following set of questions can help you decide which solution provides the best value while addressing the needs of your breast-conserving surgery program.*

*Porter, Michael E. “What is value in health care?” N Engl J Med 363.26 (2010): 2477-2481

What are some of the limitations of my existing workflows in both radiology and surgery?

What are the needs of my program?

How can I incorporate imaging innovations (i.e., MR) into my practice while still applying value-based principles?

Do I have ready access to a radiation safety program?

When procuring new technology how do I ensure compatibility with my operating room equipment and tools?

How confident am I the technology won’t stop working during surgery?

How quickly can I adopt the technology into my practice?

The Value of Wire-Free Localization

How does the value proposition for wire-free localization change depending on individual clinic priorities and functional service models? Let’s examine scenarios for two clinics transitioning from wire to wire­-free localization.

The Ottawa Hospital focused on increasing radiology and surgery throughput

  • Cost of $1,130 for wire, and $250 for radioactive seed, per localization.
  • Up to nine additional localization procedures per day with radioactive seeds.
  • One radiologist, one day a week with RSL localized the same number of cases as two radiologists, five days a week with wire.

Sunnybrook Hospital focused on improved patient satisfaction and flexible booking

  • Cost of $185 for wire, and $238 for RSL, per localization.
  • Annual operating costs of $49,835 for wire, and $80,803 for RSL.
  • Increased patient satisfaction and flexibility in booking offset the increased budgetary impact.