Breast cancer surgery made simpler. For patients. For radiologists. For surgeons.

MOLLI® is designed to help surgeons remove lesions more efficiently with increased patient comfort. By utilizing the latest advancements in magnetic technology to localize with accuracy and specificity, our solution delivers a better patient experience than traditional wire and other localization options. It’s easy-to-use and designed to work with standard clinical workflows.

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Go Wire-Free


Why go wire-free with MOLLI®?

Because your patients come first.

  • Choose the better accuracy of wire-free localization – minus the radiation of other methods.
  • Freedom to choose the surgical plan that facilitates optimal cosmetic outcomes – independent of radiology.
  • Easier booking for you and your patient while improving OR efficiency.
  • Affordable pricing programs so you can provide the best care for all your patients.

According to Sieu-Mui Luc Ong, a patient in the Phase I MOLLI study, when the magnet was implanted in her tumour, she barely noticed it. She returned two days later to Sunnybrook for the lumpectomy under anaesthetic and went home the same day. Mrs. Ong noted that there’s hardly even a mark on her breast.

Excerpt from Sunnybrook Magazine, Fall 2018

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