Case Studies

See MOLLI® in action

These case studies show that MOLLI is an accurate and efficient way to localize non-palpable breast lesions.

Breast and Axilla

  • 71 year old female noted a palpable mass under left arm

  • Margins were made 2 cm all around the MOLLI Marker

  • All physicians involved in the procedure agreed that MOLLI saved significant time compared to RSL. For surgeries that use radioactive seeds, radiation levels (i.e., counts) must be measured and documented at specific time points throughout the surgery.


Bilateral Lesions

  • 79 year old female w/ change in left-sided breast mass on screening mammography

  • Findings: Bilateral DCIS with papillary carcinoma in the left breast

  • Ultrasound-guided localization with MOLLI Marker was then performed on both lesions
  • The surgical assistant was a first-time user of MOLLI who noted that sound feedback and accuracy were better than radioactive seed localizatio

4 mm Mass

  • 73 year old female w/ new asymmetry on left breast shown on screening mammography

  • Lumpectomy performed via a lateral inframammary incision

  • MOLLI Wand was used to locate area containing MOLLI Marker and superior, medial, inferior and lateral margins were developed