Scientific &
Clinical Evidence

Reliable. Cost effective. Better Patient Experience.

These scientific and clinical studies show that MOLLI® is an accurate and efficient way to localize non-palpable breast lesions.

MOLLI: wire-free, magnetic marker technology

  • Depth readout up to 53 mm, without tissue compression.
  • Theoretical limit of marker detection up to 80 mm, without tissue compression.
  • Able to resolve multiple markers placed as closely as 10 mm apart, at depths up to 42 mm.
  • Minimal impact from closely-placed metallic operating room equipment on marker detection ability.

Phase I Clinical Trial using MOLLI localization

  • 100% detection by the MOLLI Wand and 100% retrieval of the MOLLI Marker.
  • 100% of patients had negative surgical margins on pathological analysis.
  • Patient-reported outcomes show there was no significant change between day 0 and day 30 post-surgery for overall well-being.