MOLLI 2 is an evolution in MOLLI Surgical’s award-winning lesion localization platform technology. Now more precise than ever, we have incorporated NEW directional feedback into our Tablet and Wand, making it even more simple and intuitive.

MOLLI® Marker

The smallest marker on the market at 3.2 mm

Will not break, deactivate or lose signal

Detectable in dense breasts and through hematoma

Comes pre-loaded in the MOLLI Introducer®

MOLLI® 2 Tablet

4 real-time types of feedback:
• Distance

• Visual
• Auditory
• NEW 3D Directional Guidance 

Mountable to an IV pole so surgeons can adjust it for optimal directional feedback

Operated with a long lasting, fully rechargeable battery

MOLLI® 2 Wand

Works with standard metal instruments and electrocautery

10 mm tip and 10 degree curve for navigating tight surgical cavities

Repeat sterilization options, suitable for all OR cleaning policies