What physicians are saying about MOLLI®

I chose MOLLI® over some of the other big names because of the size of the marker. I am localizing really small things and I did not want a giant piece of hardware in the patient. I also did not want interference with metal instruments which happens with some of the others. I've used a lot of different wire-free options and MOLLI is my favorite.

Dr. Courtney FultonCommunity Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

The value of the distance measurement is an extremely valuable tool when excising the lesion and examining margins when the specimen comes out and pre-Faxitron. MOLLI® is superior to RSL.

Dr. Peter LovricsSt. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton, Canada

MOLLI® is easy to use and, above all, very intuitive. Of particular value to me is the ability to generate and use accurate distances from the marker to achieve intended margins during a lumpectomy.

Dr. Nicole Look Hong, MD, M.Sc.Surgical Oncologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

MOLLI® is easy to use and the signal from the magnetic seed does not cross-react with the Technetium-99 for the sentinel node.

Dr. Frances Wright, MD, M.Ed.Surgical Oncologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

MOLLI® allows for simple and easy pre-operative localization without the use of a cumbersome wire or radiation. It also alleviates the stress of scheduling the localization procedure relative to the OR schedule where the seed can be placed prior to surgery at a time and date that is convenient for both the patient and radiologist.

Dr. Mia Skarpathiotakis, BASc, MSc, MD, FRCPCRadiologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

It will allow flexibility for treatment options. To me, this is precision therapy. We know exactly where the tumor is, we can take it out at the earliest stage and we can minimize damage to the body.

Dr. Calvin Law, MD, MPH, FRCSCChief, Edmond Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Regional Vice President, Cancer Care Ontario

The biggest potential opportunity of MOLLI® is it allows us to take the next step in image-guided therapeutics. It’s the right idea for better care. There’s no question it’s just better than the current approach.

Dr. Andy Smith, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACSPresident and Chief Executive Officer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Scientific and clinical evidence


Improving patient care with the Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital


Why go wire-free with MOLLI?

Because your patients come first.

  • Choose the better accuracy of wire-free localization – minus the radiation of other methods.
  • Freedom to choose the surgical plan that facilitates optimal cosmetic outcomes – independent of radiology.
  • Easier booking for you and your patient while improving OR efficiency.
  • Affordable pricing programs so you can provide the best care for all your patients.

According to Sieu-Mui Luc Ong, a patient in the Phase I MOLLI® study, when the magnet was implanted in her tumour, she barely noticed it. She returned two days later to Sunnybrook for the lumpectomy under anaesthetic and went home the same day. Mrs. Ong noted that there’s hardly even a mark on her breast.
Excerpt from Sunnybrook Magazine, Fall 2018

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Fits your localization clinical workflow

Introducing MOLLI localization

MOLLI® uses cutting-edge magnetic technology to provide breast cancer patients with a better experience over traditional wire and other lesion localization options. It helps surgeons remove their lesions more efficiently, with accuracy and specificity.

Confidence and efficiency in radiology

  • A sharp needle tip makes for easy insertion, for radiology and patient comfort.
  • Standard design and deployment preferred by radiologists* means efficient one-handed use.
  • Marker can be deployed either through retraction or ejection within 1 cm of deployment location.
    *Data on file at MOLLI Surgical

Mark accurately with a Marker you can find every time

  • Only 3.2 mm in size. Accurately localize the smallest non-palpable tumors.*
  • Solid magnetic technology means the Marker can’t be deactivated. No radioactivity tracking, no signal decay.

*H. Gilbert Welch, M.D., M.P.H., et. al. Breast-Cancer Tumor Size, Overdiagnosis, and Mammography Screening Effectiveness, N. Engl. J. Med. 2016; 375: 1438-1447

It’s all in the Wand

  • Use with your standard metal instruments.
  • Continuous distance measurements guide your surgical strategy.
  • Streamlined 10 mm tip and 10 degree curve for navigating tight surgical cavities.
  • Repeat sterilization options, suitable for all OR cleaning policies.

A Tablet that works for you

  • Do it your way with 3 real-time feedback options – distance, visual and auditory.
  • Portable and mountable on an IV pole or tabletop stand – out of your way.
  • Operated with a fully rechargeable battery.

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It’s all in the Wand

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