Terri Coutee

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Terri is a two-time breast cancer survivor. Terri opened a Facebook group in June of 2015. One year later, in 2016, she opened the non-profit DiepC Foundation to educate and inform others about their options for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. This community includes breast cancer patients, both women and men, and those who carry various gene mutations that put them at high risk of getting breast cancer.

Terri’s Recommended Resources

DiepC Journey

I am an educator and advocate for all choices of Breast Reconstruction after a mastectomy. I will explain how I came to know about my reconstruction options, where I researched, who I talked to and how I came to the decision that I made to have DIEP flap (deep inferior epigastric perforator) reconstruction after a second cancer diagnosis followed by a double mastectomy in May of 2014.

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DiepC Foundation YouTube Page

The purpose is to educate and inform the public about topics related to all options of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy due to breast cancer or the high risk of getting breast cancer.

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DiepC Journey Podcast

Two-time breast cancer survivor, Terri Coutee, will share first hand knowledge of her personal Journey through successful breast reconstruction. She chose DIEP flap but will talk about all options for surgery for those affected by breast cancer and facing a mastectomy. She will talk to surgeons, patients, and other health care workers to help the listener navigate their own personal Journey to make their best informed decision.

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