MOLLI Surgical Releases Breast Localization Toolkit to Fill Gap in Educational Resources for Breast Cancer Patients

By October 8, 2021 December 23rd, 2021 Newsroom, Press Release


DEERFIELD, IL. (PRWEB) OCTOBER 08, 2021 — MOLLI Surgical, known for its wire-free, radiation-free technology for breast cancer surgery, today released a Breast Localization Toolkit filled with resources to help breast surgeons educate their patients about breast localization. Breast localization is a procedure that marks the breast before breast conserving surgery to guide the surgeon in locating the abnormality. The American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation is partnering on the project by distributing the toolkit through its site and making this resource available for breast surgeons to use in their meetings with patients.

“At MOLLI Surgical, we’re committed to living our mission of making precision surgery simpler, and that includes improving access to breast cancer care through education,” said Fazila Seker, President and CEO, MOLLI Surgical. “At last year’s Industry Relations Council Meeting with the American Society of Breast Surgeons leadership, we learned of a gap in educational resources related to breast localization and decided to address that problem through this Breast Localization Toolkit. It expands our investment in education and advocacy that started with our ‘Breast Practices‘ Facebook Live podcasts.”

The toolkit is designed for use by both patients and surgeons and includes:

  • A Patient Guide to Breast Localization: A list of commonly asked patient questions — answered.
  • Video — Understanding Breast Localization: Care teams can use the provided video as is, or create their own using the included script as a guide.
  • Patient email and text communication templates: These appointment-reminder and appointment-follow-up templates can be used by surgeons and radiologists, depending on the care pathway at the facility, to link to additional information and resources about localization.
  • Patient resource handout: A list of evidence-based resources that contain helpful information about breast localization, as well as other important topics related to breast cancer treatment.

“We’re grateful to MOLLI Surgical for helping to improve breast cancer care and access through offering educational resources,” said Ryan Cliche, Executive Director, ASBrS Foundation. “When care teams provide patients with educational resources prior to their appointment, patients feel empowered and ready to ask questions and discuss concerns.”

Breast surgeons, care teams and their patients can view the Breast Localization Toolkit via The American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation website. Look for additional resources to be added to the Breast Surgery section on in the future.

The American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation (ASBrS Foundation) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in 2005 to improve the standard of care for breast disease. Since that time the Foundation has continued to evolve and focus on advancing breast care to all populations and enhancing the patient experience.

The American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation supports the mission of The American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS), the primary leadership organization for general surgeons who treat patients with breast disease. ASBrS is committed to continually improving the practice of breast surgery by serving as an advocate for surgeons who seek excellence in the care of breast patients.

MOLLI Surgical started in the operating room, where surgeons were using dated tools to treat cancer patients — and we knew we could do better.

Our first product, MOLLI™, is a wire-free, radiation-free localization technology for breast cancer surgery. Consisting of a marker, detection wand and visualization tablet, MOLLI is designed for superior tumor localization accuracy, enhanced reliability, ease-of-use and a more efficient lumpectomy workflow compared to wire or radioactive seed methods.

Our surgical wand is precise, easy-to-use and built with the realities of the operating room in mind. More importantly, it is built with patients in mind. Our technology replaces procedures to mark tumors with one that is not only kinder — but more accurate, efficient and cost-effective. MOLLI Surgical is proud to build the advanced equipment that patients prefer to have and that physicians prefer to use.

MOLLI provides comfort, convenience, and confidence to both clinicians and patients — and is the first of many accessible solutions that can be imagined and brought to life through partnerships between MOLLI Surgical and clinicians who envision using MOLLI’s capability across the surgical spectrum.

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