Doctors Hospital brings a revolutionary advancement in breast cancer treatment to the Cayman Islands with the introduction of MOLLI®

By January 30, 2024 Newsroom

Doctors Hospital brings a revolutionary advancement in breast cancer treatment to the Cayman Islands with the introduction of MOLLI®, a cutting-edge breast tumour localization technology.

MOLLI® represents a significant leap in radiological precision, enabling unparalleled accuracy in the localization of cancerous lesions within the breasts before surgical removal. This innovative breakthrough, which received FDA approval in 2021 and garnered recognition in TIME Magazine’s “The Best Inventions of 2022,” has already been employed in the care of thousands of patients around the world.

Doctors Hospital conducted the first surgical procedure using MOLLI® for the treatment of breast cancer in the Cayman Islands and the entire Caribbean. The team comprised of Dr. Tanja Ebanks, General and Breast Surgeon,DrOmar Felix, General Surgeon & Breast Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Anne Dancey, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, and Dr. Kunal Goyal, Interventional Radiologist.

MOLLI® is a wire-free and radiation-free technology that operates by inserting a 3.2-millimeter magnet into the breast tumour, through the skin, via a needle. Surgeons then locate the marker using a wand-like probe connected to a tablet, providing precise details about the tumour’s location. The marker can be implanted either on the day of the surgery or up to a month prior.

Dr. Felix explained, “We chose to bring this new technology to Doctors Hospital and the Cayman Islands, because it offers precise wireless tumour localization without the need for wires, resulting in minimal impact and discomfort for our patients. Furthermore, it can be conveniently inserted before the day of surgery, and empowers surgeons to minimize the skin excisions and facilitate oncoplastic surgical techniques.”

Dr. Ananth Ravi, CEO and Co-Founder of MOLLI® shares, “Our commitment to innovation stems from listening to the voices of our patients who have inspired our platform’s design for comfort and to accommodate all breast sizes and dense tissue, ensuring that each patient’s unique needs are met.”

The introduction of MOLLI® is the latest in a series of groundbreaking solutions Doctors Hospital has launched within its Operating Roomto enhance breast cancer care. Among these innovations is the lymph node transfer procedure, introduced by Dr. Anne Dancey, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Cayman Surgery, which is an effective method of treating lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. During this procedure, surgeons transplant excess healthy lymph nodes from other parts of the body into the arm areas to alleviate post-surgery swelling and to enhance the removal of excess lymphatic fluid.

Another notable addition is the DIEP Flap breast reconstruction technique, used to reconstruct breasts from natural abdominal tissues instead of synthetic materials. By preserving the blood vessels in the tissue transfer, this method ensures the tissue placed in the new breast mound remains healthy and viable.

“Doctors Hospital is proud to remain at the forefront of breast cancer care by continually introducing cutting-edge technologies and procedures, striving to provide patients with the best possible outcomes,” Dr. Yaron Rado, Chief of Radiology, Doctors Hospital.