Liz O’Riordan, MD

By December 29, 2021 April 6th, 2022 HOPE Wall, Invasive (Stage 1-3)

Liz O’Riordan, MD is a consultant breast surgeon and breast cancer survivor. She was nominated for a “Woman of the Year” award in 2016 and co-authored “The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer: How to Feel Empowered and Take Control” with Professor Trisha Greenhalgh. She is a TEDx speaker, and gives inspirational keynote lectures about improving the quality of patient care, digital technology and exercise, amongst other topics.

Dr. O’Riordan’s Recommended Resources

Ticking Off Breast Cancer

We aim to provide practical advice for men and women standing at the edge of the breast cancer precipice not knowing which way to turn (and for their partners, families and friends who would like to know how to help).

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The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer: How to Feel Empowered and Take Control (Book)

Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, an academic GP, and Dr. Liz O’Riordan, a Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon, are not only outstanding doctors, but they have also experienced breast cancer first-hand. The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer brings together all the knowledge they have gathered as patients and as doctors to give you and your family a trusted, thorough and up-to-date source of information.

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Breast Cancer Now

We’re Breast Cancer Now, the charity that’s steered by world-class research and powered by life-changing care.

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