Deepa Halaharvi, MD

By March 1, 2023 March 10th, 2023 HOPE Wall

Dr. Deepa Halaharvi has seen both sides of the experience as a breast cancer surgeon and breast cancer patient. She has stated that her work as a board-certified general surgeon and a fellowship-trained breast cancer surgeon is not just a job, but a calling. Dr. Halaharvi’s cancer journey has given her a unique perspective on the importance of resilience when facing adversity — a fact that can be explored in greater detail on her website. The site features her series, “The Breast Cancer Podcast,” in which Dr. Halaharvi discusses issues related to breast cancer with physicians, patients, and breast cancer advocates. Dr. Halaharvi seeks to draw from her experiences to best serve breast cancer patients and help them become thrivers and warriors, not just survivors.

Dr. Halaharvi’s Recommended Resources

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