Angela Alexander-Roper

By November 14, 2022 July 27th, 2023 HOPE Wall, Invasive (Stage 1-3)

Angela Alexander-Roper is a retired Early Childhood Educator, a wife, a mother to four kids, and grandmother to 13 grandkids. Angela is a very active and involved grandparent — walking her grandkids to and from the local school which their parents all attended.

Angela was doing a self-exam and found a lump in her right breast. After confirming with her husband, she contacted her family doctor and booked an ultrasound. The results indicated a need for further exploration. She was seen by Dr. Peter Lovrics, a MOLLI® user, scheduled a biopsy, and four samples were taken. The results indicated that the cells were abnormal and a lumpectomy was scheduled.

Prior to the lumpectomy, the MOLLI Marker® was placed in the lump by a radiologist. Angela felt absolutely no pain, merely a tiny pinch as the needle was inserted. A mammogram was done to confirm the placement and a few days later, Dr. Lovrics, using the MOLLI Wand® and Tablet®, was able to locate and remove the lump, getting all the margins.

The entire process, though frightening, confirmed for Angela that regular self-exams are the best way for women to take charge of their health. Finding the lump and having such a positive experience (six weeks, start to finish) with outstanding care and compassion throughout every step, made her extremely grateful for the dedicated people caring for patients and developing better treatment options.

MOLLI Surgical President and CEO Ananth Ravi appeared on CTV Your Morning with Angela Alexander-Roper. Watch Ananth’s emotional reaction as they meet for the first time.