Terms of reference for Working Group
Sharing of best practices/continuous training.”

The individual’s success drives the team’s success and vice versa! To this end, knowledge must be shared freely and openly across the organization, with continuous improvement being the background to everything we do.

Initiatives that need to be addressed by the working group:

  1. Development of a corporate training program – Design outline, content with tiers based on experience level. Develop a platform for delivery and define frequency.
  2. Consolidation of internal communications – Develop a method for rapid near real-time sharing of experiences across the organization.
  3. Fostering cross-region training – a method for peers to gain experience and exposure to hands-on practice across regions.Barriers identified during the Q4 kick-off will be forwarded to the working group at their inaugural meeting.

These are broad initiatives. The working groups must be biased towards action. As such, the first order of business will be to assess the business’ priorities and develop a plan that can be executed within three months. Executing one initiative with intensity is better than stumbling through many.

Working group lead:
Leadership for the working group will be one of the PSS to provide a leadership opportunity.

5 members from sales, 1 – 2 from marketing and 1 – 2 SLT (optional). SLT will select teams based on responses from the call to action. Teams can elect more members as needs arise.

Term length:
3 months; upon expiration of the term, needs will be re-assessed. A new working group will be created with membership changing to ensure participation from the broad team.