Jennifer A. Douglas

Since her DCIS diagnosis in 2019 (an early stage breast cancer), Jennifer Douglas has worked tirelessly to advocate for the breast cancer patient community and educate on the importance of annual screenings. MOLLI Surgical has had the pleasure of working with Jennifer since she became a regular guest on Breast Practices after her diagnosis.

In 2020, she launched her website, which features resources and her blog that covers topics such as treatment, recovery and well-being during a breast cancer journey. She was named a 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Month influencer by the Susan Love Foundation and was invited to the inaugural Amgen Oncology Educational Social Media Summit focusing on addressing barriers to cancer patients. She also took on the role of host of Breast Practices.

In May 2023, Jennifer launched her first book A Breast Cancer Journey: Living it One Step at a Time. This book shares insightful stories of her personal journey and readers will find helpful information such as how to decipher complicated imaging reports and how to recover from procedures as comfortably as possible. The book is available to be purchased on Amazon. 

Congratulations Jennifer on your recent success! We thank you for your tremendous efforts in advocating for breast cancer patients everywhere. MOLLI Surgical is grateful to call you a partner.