Small, simple
& radiation free.

Breast cancer surgery made simpler.
For patients. For radiologists. For surgeons.

A patient’s experience is just as important as the treatment itself.

MOLLI Surgical was inspired by one patient voice speaking up about her breast cancer treatment experience. She taught us that a simpler, better way was needed. Our localization system is precise, easy-to-use and built with the realities of the operating room in mind.

What physicians and patients are saying about MOLLI®

Thank you, THANK YOU so very much for doing the partial mastectomy with MOLLI® localization. I can not endorse this enough!!! MOLLI all the way!!!

Kim BrownPatient

Localizing breast lesions with wires happened on the same day as a patient’s surgery. This can be challenging, since it involves going through a procedure right before their operation, when patients are already fasting and may be anxious. With MOLLI®, we have different options for scheduling the timing of that procedure. Now, patients can go home comfortably between localization and their surgery. I find it is easy to use, efficient and precise. It allows us to localize the tissue accurately and safely with an improved overall patient experience.

Dr. Tulin CilBreast Surgical Oncologist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network

Everything about the MOLLI® insertion was so easy and stress free. I was much happier not having the radioactive seed that I had to have with my other cancer 5 years ago.


The value of the distance measurement is an extremely valuable tool when excising the lesion and examining margins when the specimen comes out, prior to specimen radiograph. MOLLI® is superior to RSL. Training our future surgeons is an important part of our jobs. MOLLI is so intuitive, so easy to use and accurate, that resident surgeons mastered its use very quickly.

Dr. Peter LovricsGeneral Surgeon, St. Joseph’s Healthcare

One of the advantages of the MOLLI Marker® is the small size at just 3.2 mm which allows for easy placement and retrieval in the axilla and nodes. Measuring down to the millimeter in this small area has been a real benefit of the MOLLI system.

Dr. Patricia L. HirnerGeneral Surgeon, Hannibal Clinic

MOLLI Surgical's Evolve 3S (strategic site solutions) program analyzed our operational workflow and identified opportunities to increase our department's efficiency without requiring additional resources. Their program along with their localization technology, was incredibly valuable to our department.

Corwin BurtonClinical Manager of Medical Imaging, Women’s College Hospital

I chose MOLLI® over some of the other big names because of the size of the marker. I am localizing really small things and I did not want a giant piece of hardware in the patient. I also did not want interference with metal instruments which happens with some of the others. I've used a lot of different wire-free options and MOLLI is my favorite.

Dr. Courtney FultonBreast Surgeon, Community Hospital

I can always depend on the accurate placement and detection of the MOLLI Marker®, which allows me to proceed confidently and efficiently through my cases.

Dr. Be SaitoSurgical Oncologist, The Christ Hospital

MOLLI® is a great benefit for women as it allows for convenient timing of marker placement when it best suits our patients. The surgeons are able to determine the most aesthetically pleasing approach to remove the target within 30 days of their surgery.

Dr. Drew SchemmerRadiologist, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

MOLLI® is an elegant solution on a number of different fronts: with its scheduling flexibility, it helps to improve clinical workflow. It comes with a reasonable cost, and a team that’s simply a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, with its less-invasive nature, patients see a reduction in pain and anxiety. This is an important step towards reaching our strategic goals. The partnership between MOLLI Surgical and the Princess Margaret will provide us with support and expertise as we move forward with improving patient care.

Terri Stuart-McEwanExecutive Director - Sprott Department of Surgery, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network

The biggest potential opportunity of MOLLI® is it allows us to take the next step in image-guided therapeutics. It’s the right idea for better care. There’s no question it’s just better than the current approach.

Dr. Andy SmithPresident and Chief Executive Officer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

The MOLLI® technology allowed me to locate a lesion that was invisible to the naked eye by extending my natural senses in a colorectal procedure that would have otherwise been limited. I foresee this novel approach and localization technology expanding to other disease sites.

Dr. Usmaan Hameed,Colorectal Surgical Oncologist, North York General Hospital

In this case of para-aortic recurrent-recurrent rectosigmoid cancer...the MOLLI Markers optimized capture of the previously resected and radiated target area, and, afforded a high level of precision and confidence. Successful depth of field localization was key in a surgical field with significant scarring and fibrosis from previous treatments. Ergonomic considerations, including auditory, were appreciated.

Dr. Marko SimunovicSurgical Oncologist, Juravinski Cancer Centre

MOLLI® is easy to use and, above all, very intuitive. Of particular value to me is the ability to generate and use accurate distances from the marker to achieve intended margins during a lumpectomy.

Dr. Nicole Look HongSurgical Oncologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

MOLLI® is easy to use and the signal from the magnetic seed does not cross-react with the Technetium-99 for the sentinel node.

Dr. Frances WrightSurgical Oncologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

MOLLI® allows for simple and easy pre-operative localization without the use of a cumbersome wire or radiation. It also alleviates the stress of scheduling the localization procedure relative to the OR schedule where the seed can be placed prior to surgery at a time and date that is convenient for both the patient and radiologist.

Dr. Mia SkarpathiotakisRadiologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

It will allow flexibility for treatment options. To me, this is precision therapy. We know exactly where the tumor is, we can take it out at the earliest stage and we can minimize damage to the body.

Dr. Calvin LawChief of the Edmond Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

MOLLI® is not only intuitive, but it also allows for greater precision when choosing an incision site, which is important for an oncologic and aesthetic outcome and from an efficacy standpoint. MOLLI also allows for uncoupling of the OR and Radiology on the OR days, which helps create flexibility and efficiency in scheduling surgeries, and in turn eases surgical backlogs.

Dr. Renee HanrahanBreast Surgeon, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

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