MOLLI Surgical
2023 Product Launches

MOLLI Surgical is excited to launch our NEW products for 2023: MOLLI 2® and MOLLI re.markable™. These latest products, including the industry’s first tool that ensures lesions are accurately marked, are paving the way for the next generation of healthcare. They deliver on the company’s commitment to elevate the patient experience, refine precision surgery, and boost physicians’ confidence.

MOLLI 2 is an evolution in MOLLI Surgical’s award-winning lesion localization platform technology. Now more precise than ever, we have incorporated NEW directional feedback into our Wand and Tablet display making it even more simple and intuitive.

MOLLI re.markable is a revolutionary new tool helping physicians accurately mark lesions by allowing radiologists and surgeons to reposition a localization marker with minimal impact or discomfort for patients. If the original placement was suboptimal, the localization marker can be removed without requiring invasive surgery or a large biopsy needle. This is a first of its kind, as no other localization marker on the market can be removed like this.