Now is the time to go wire-free

Which wire-free option is right for you?

The following set of questions can help you decide which solution provides the best value while addressing the needs of your breast conserving surgery program.*

*Porter, Michael E. “What is value in health care?” N Engl J Med 363.26 (2010): 2477-2481

What are some of the limitations of my existing workflows in both radiology and surgery?

What are the needs of my program?

How can I incorporate imaging innovations (i.e., MR) into my practice while still applying value-based principles?

Do I have ready access to a radiation safety program?

When procuring new technology how do I ensure compatibility with my operating room equipment and tools?

How confident am I the technology won’t stop working during surgery?

How quickly can I adopt the technology into my practice?

Breast Practices

MOLLI Surgical President and CEO Fazila Seker presents Breast Practices, a Facebook Live broadcast addressing a range of topics to help people living with breast cancer make the decision that’s right for them.

Breast Conserving Therapy or Mastectomy – How to Decide?

Dr. Christine Dauphine, Director of the Breast Clinic and Vice Chair of Education in the Department of Surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, discusses breast conservation when surgery is required.

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The Value of Wire-Free Localization

How does the value proposition for wire-free localization change depending on individual clinic priorities and functional service models? Let’s examine scenarios for two clinics transitioning from wire to wire­-free localization.

The Ottawa Hospital focused on increasing radiology and surgery throughput

  • Cost of $1,130 for wire, and $250 for radioactive seed, per localization.
  • Up to nine additional localization procedures per day with radioactive seeds.
  • One radiologist, one day a week with RSL localized the same number of cases as two radiologists, five days a week with wire.

Sunnybrook Hospital focused on improved patient satisfaction and flexible booking

  • Cost of $185 for wire, and $238 for RSL, per localization.
  • Annual operating costs of $49,835 for wire, and $80,803 for RSL.
  • Increased patient satisfaction and flexibility in booking offset the increased budgetary impact.