Introducing MOLLI localization

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Introducing MOLLI localization

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MOLLI® makes breast cancer surgery simpler for patients, radiologists, and surgeons.

  • Surgery departments can do 40% more breast surgeries.

  • Radiology departments can see 34% more patients.

  • A better breast care experience before, during and after surgery.

Confidence and efficiency in radiology

Works with all breast sizes and dense tissue

The tip is extra sharp and free of burrs providing the best possible placement

The needle is uniquely designed to reduce migration

Available in two lengths: 8 cm and 12 cm

Mark accurately with a marker you can find every time

Only 3.2 mm in size – the smallest localization marker on the market.

Solid magnetic technology means the marker can’t be deactivated. No radioactivity tracking, no signal decay.

It’s all in the Wand

Use with your standard metal instruments.

Continuous distance measurements guide your surgical strategy.

Streamlined 10 mm tip and 10 degree curve for navigating tight surgical cavities.

Repeat sterilization options, suitable for all OR cleaning policies.

A Tablet that works for you

Do it your way with 3 real-time feedback options – distance, visual and auditory.

Portable and mountable on an IV pole or tabletop stand – out of your way.

Operated with a fully rechargeable battery.

See how MOLLI localization is used in a breast surgery procedure

It’s all in the Wand

See why MOLLI is the better choice for precision surgery.

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MOLLI is cleared by FDA and approved by Health Canada.